which is the most dominant form and cotton

If there’s one dress that carriers the pride of minister in public and shows the boldness and fearlessness, it’s the Dhoti along with the cotton shirt. Ministers white dhotis and shirts are available online in various price ranges and sizes. Also, if you’re the minister or relative who wishes to gift Dhoti and shirt to your beloved minister, white dhotis with shirt make a perfect gift item. These dhotis you can get them in any fabric such as silk, which is the most dominant form and cotton, which is the most used form of Dhoti. Also, Velcro and pocket can be extremely useful for ministers on their tours as their schedules are tight and it doesn’t seem good to adjust the wearing in public, thus Velcro. Also, along with white Dhoti, pocket white shirts with 2-3 buttons on the top are always a perfect match. To add more to the celebration, you can choose to buy a shirt of the same color as the border strips of Dhoti, which are in Zari and embroidery many times. If you get the minister dhoti and shirt in silk fabric, the piece looks just fabulous for Diwali festival to show your happiness as well as status and pride.