Tips regarding concrete lifting

While walking on road we often come across bumpy and rough concrete surface that needs to be levelled or lifted. Concrete raising or concrete levelling is a process to repair any uneven or rough surface to give it a smooth and finished texture. Any slabs of floor, stairs in our path can be fixed by concrete lifting in St Louis or mud jacking without any expense of demolishing the whole thing.

 Things to remember before concrete lifting

Concrete lifting also known as mud jacking or polyjacking are all installed in similar process. But there are a few things that can go wrong in the process.

  •  As the material used in polyjacking is light in weight compared to mudjacking it is easily breakable in moisture to solve this problem we should always use polyurethrene polymer foam which makes the slab expand 15 times its actual volume.
  • Mud jacking requires a resting time of 24 hours minimum to be capable of holding any weight before lifting. So it is necessary to give it a rest for a certain amount of time before lifting.

Polyjacking have some advantage over mudjacking as the material used in it is much lighter and the polyurethrane foam can expand easily without adding any extra weight is always easier to use polyjacking